1. MCL Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.

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        MCL Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.

        MCL Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. — China's large-scale semiconductor silicon material production base

               MCL Electronic Materials Co., Ltd(Short for MCL),established in 1995, is located at No 99 Binhe North Road, National New & High Tech Industry Development Zone, Luoyang, China. MCL is also a high - tech enterprise of manufacturing CZ silicon ingot, sliced and lapped silicon wafers, polished silicon wafers R & D, manufacture and sales. MCL mainly produces 125mm, 150mm and 200mm wafers, the wafer quality is guaranteed by the advanced equipment, the multiple testing methods, the high-grade facility system and the superior production environment in MCL.

              MCL is the one of the earliest silicon material manufacturer certificated by TS16949 quality management system in China, afterwards certificated by IATF16949:2016 and by ISO14001 later. MCL, the production scale and technical management level are in an advanced position. MCL has set Henan enterprise technology center, By adding equipment and upgrading the process technology, MCL have the ability to supply 8-inch silicon polishing wafers in large quantities. MCL was evaluated by MIIT-China as Intelligent manufacturing enterprise as well and leads the intelligent upgrading of the traditional manufacturing mode of the industry in 2018, driving the intelligent upgrading of the industry's traditional manufacturing mode.

        Enterprise tenet


        Environmental policy

        Environmental policy


        Environmental policy

        All employees abide by laws and regulations on safety and environment, continuously improve environmental performance, reduce environmental impact, and jointly create a safe, healthy and beneficial working environment.

        Management policy for chemical substances contained in products

        All employees comply with laws and regulations (including RoHS directives and REACH regulations), actively promote green procurement, strictly implement the whole process control of hazardous substances, provide customers with green products, reduce consumption, prevent pollution, and strive to protect human health and biodiversity, and continue to protect and improve the environment and ecology.

        Cultural concept

        Cultural concept


        Willing to take responsibility, loyal to mission

        Executive philosophy: no excuses for work, no reasons for problems. Business philosophy: only saturated thinking, no off-season market. System concept: if the system is not implemented, everything is equal to zero. The concept of clean government: honest and clean people gather, corrupt people disperse. Innovation concept: content with the status quo will fall behind, dare to innovate and display brilliance. Risk concept: hidden danger is accident, safety is benefit. Responsibility concept: the heart of Company, duty bound. Team concept: individual ability is limited, team energy is boundless. Quality concept: let customers become our spokesperson. Talent concept: performance is the touchstone of talents.

        quality policy

        quality policy


        quality policy

        All staff deliberately pursue continuous quality improvement in every aspect of work. We will try our best to meet the requirements of customers beyond expectation.

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